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Credit Card Payoff Calculator – Free Download

Pay off your credit card at different interest rates and payment amounts with this credit card payoff calculator. This Credit Card Payoff Calculator for Microsoft® Excel® and OpenOffice can help to find an answer to a few of this questions and easily can be a first step to your debt reduction. This calculator is the first one in the series of debt reduction calculators.

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What will this credit card payoff calculator do?

Calculate the payment required to pay off your credit card debt in a specified number of years, or calculate how long it will take to pay off your card given a specific monthly payment. This credit card pay off calculator for excel is pretty simple spreadsheet that can solve for a minimum monthly payments, for a time to pay off, for total interest as a sum of both interest on cash balance and balance on card purchases. This all will help in getting the answer to the question of how long it takes to pay off your credit card balance by making only minimum payments.


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Back to the template, basically this is a simple credit card payoff calculator that is created using microsoft excel built-in financial function, PMT and NPER function, which you can create yours just by following the formula I used in this template. That’s all guys. You can download the file below. The main worksheet is not password protected, so you can learn the excel formula inside.


Free Download


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