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Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Banking always involves the dip of a trick! Whenever it comes to anything monetary, one has to be very tactful and strategic. Borrowing money, comes out to be important and so does the management of the debt. Before we read further about best ways to consolidate credit card bills, you should know few basics.

What is Debt?

Debt is anything or a sum of money that we owe to a lender, i.e. the Bank. It varies from person to person and various Banks have different rates of interests that they levy on these Debts.

How do I use my Credit card?

A credit card is an easy method for payment to the merchant, where the bank issues the payment to the consignee, issuing a deadline for the holder to pay off the borrowed amount, i.e. Debt.

What is Consolidation of Debt?

In case, the customer gets various credit cards issued, he ends up owing money to various banks at various different rates of interest. To get rid of such an inconvenient process, consolidation of credit card bills enables you to consult and borrow one loan from a Bank to payoff all the debts underlying various banks.

11 Tips for Consolidating Credit Card Debt

  • Consolidation starts off with consultancy. Start off, consulting a trustworthy credit card specialist regarding your issues to know the various rates of interest offered by the banks available.

  • Calculate your debt on your own, to assure there has not been any error with the Bank calculations.

  • Choose the best way that suits you to pay off the debt.

  • Enquire about various rates of interest offered by the banks while you borrow a loan or if decide to transfer different debt-balances to one credit card account.

  • Be sure of the limits offered by the banks, to pay off the debt back to the bank.

  • Before taking one of these loans, try calculating all your sum of payments. Make sure, you make a fair deal by opting for the current method rather than paying off the debts individually to each Bank.

  • Choose between the loan you would opt for, whether it has to be a personal or a housing loan depending on your mortgage and the rate of interest offered to be paid.

  • Assure yourself if the debt calculated as consolidated can be paid off by you at the fixed date or no. Tell your preferences to the bank, at times they even tend to reduce the rate of interest for their customers.

  • Try and maintain your credit card score. It always helps reduce the rates of interest levied from the customers.

How Can I Consolidate Credit Card Debt?

Whether you are bothered by piling credit card debt or want to cut down the payments that you make on a monthly basis, consolidation of credit card is the way out.

As per a report by USA Today, non-mortgage credit rose to $3.6 trillion and non-revolving credit grew to $2.50 trillion. It does not matter whether you are having student loans or have a balance on your credit cards, it does have an impact on your daily lifestyle.

The things tend to get worse when various sources are responsible for the debt and you feel the heat in shuffling the payments every month. Such situation does lead to an overwhelming situation, but in actuality you can save yourself from going all through this. You can have salvation from all this agony through credit card consolidation.

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For this, you need to be familiar with the key tips so that you can save your hard-earned money –

Smart Tips To Consolidate Credit Card Debt – [Infographic]


Knowing What Is Good Debt and Bad Debt

Nowadays, it seems that debt has become an important part of our lives. When the word ‘debt’ is mentioned, majority of the people have a negative illusion about it, but that is not how it should be.

It is an imperative step to analyze what kind of debt you have and accordingly you can set priorities for its payment or want to keep it for your daily needs. On the basis of two important questions, you can take a decision whether the debt is good or bad. You have to ask yourself whether the debt is ‘temporary’ or ‘lifestyle’.

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Set a goal

When you set a goal, in regards to the payment of your debt, things get a little easier. Choose a credit card, with the maximum APR, such as a secured credit card and increase the amount for which you will be paying. You can opt to reduce lavish spending and going out with your friends, to have extra cash to make that single payment.

When you are off paying to the first card, you can apply the same method to the next card. Repeat the same method till the time you have paid all credit card balances. It is also important that you keep a check, side by side, on the progress and stay motivated in order to meet your targets.

Transferring Your Balance

This tip can prove beneficial if your credit card balances are not too much or you are having a credit that has a large credit limit. The best thing about this is that you no longer have to apply for a fresh credit. If you think that transferring the balances to one single card is not a feasible option then you can transfer small balances in one single card. Owing to this, you don’t have to bear the burden of monthly payments as it will reduce considerably.

All the money that you save via payment of the debts will be much higher as compared to the interest that you will earn on your savings account. You can also use income tax refunds, pay increments or any other form of funds to pay the debts.

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Debt Management Plan

If you don’t possess the expertise to manage your credit card, you can always go for a debt management plan. Firstly, you have to choose a good debt management company to which you will be making a single monthly payment. Your company will further allocate these funds amongst your creditors as per your predetermined plan.

These plans often comprise of low rate of interests which further results in lower payments. If you have decided to take this route, make sure that you have spent extra time to search for a good debt consolidation company. Make sure that the prospective company has experience in dealing with credit card debt issues and does have a license. Such companies also provide consultation and tips for debt consolidation and related issues. Entirely depending upon your situation, you can also make the most of debt repayment and debt relief programs

Paying Small Balances First

When you are making initial payments for small balances, it actually makes you feel good that you are making progress. This will help you to feel good and at the same time motivate you further to keep paying off your debts. There are certain things that you need to consider, they are

  • Monthly payments – Make sure that you are making regular payments for your bills on a monthly basis. This will have a positive effect where it would add up to the amount that you are liable to pay.
  • Paying off your debt sooner – Needless to say that try to get rid of debt as soon as possible. This will further help you in saving money for your future endeavors and your credit card will also get saved from getting damaged.
  • Make changes in cash inflow – Make sure that you have done everything to cut down the size of monthly payments. This will help in lowering down the amount, hence giving a boost to the cash inflow.

Pay and Invest – You will be desperate to get rid of your loan but at the same time you also need emergency funds. It’s not that there is no solution to it but paying off your debts along with making investments can be done. But, your main priority is to pay off your expensive debts first and at the same time save money.

Nobody desires to land up in a situation where he/she will have to face the situation of debts, but in case you find yourself out of luck, the above discussed credit card consolidation will surely come to your rescue.


Why should you Consolidate Debt?

Consolidating Debt is a method to step out from juggling various liabilities. Consolidating Debt helps you confine your total debt with one lender. However, consolidating is favorable only where the rate of interest is low.

Your Credit Score

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